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Your home may be your castle, but you're not living in the Middle Ages. The quality of life that you and your family enjoy today is the result of technologies that didn't even exist a few years ago.

The information superhighway is no dream of the future, it is here now. At our service, we have wireless telephones, cable and satellite TV, home offices with fax, e-mail, and high speed Internet. Not to mention on line banking, on line shopping and other convenience services that are coming.

That's why homes today need an improved wiring method to handle all of the new electronic equipment and services, now and into the future. A Structured Home Wiring System provides this critical wiring infrastructure for the whole house distribution of multiple telephone lines, high speed data, cable and satellite TV, all in a flexible, modular installation which can accommodate future changes.

  • Integrated telecommunications and home automation technologies - from interactive home entertainment and personal communications to security and environmental management systems.

  • Makes it easy to add new interactive applications and technologies - without rewiring.

Your home can be programmed to automatically turn lights on or dim lights or groups of lights, control home climate, monitor security, control your sprinkler, or water heater. You can even do this from any telephone, remotely. Comfort and convenience are yours with our flexible and modestly priced wiring system.

Maximum Performance.. Don't build without building it in.

We provide high-performance structured cabling systems as part of our integrated approach to meeting your low-voltage needs. We'll help you select the right wiring for your telephone, cable TV and satellite distribution, and computer networking. We have the skills, technical knowledge and experience to provide consistent high-quality cabling for all of your needs.



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