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Design Consultation Services
(For Architectural Firms)

For somewhat larger projects, it is often beneficial to provide design consultation prior to the preparation of an elaborate product - specific proposal. Design consultations may include…

Electronic drafting of system design
Engineered drafting of a particular subsystem
System overview presentations
Product compatibility analysis
Pre-wire designs for future technology compatibility

Various services are available and can be modified for a specific intent. Accordingly, consultation service fees structured on a contractual flat-fee or hourly time rate basis.

It would be inconceivable to commence construction on a house without detailed blueprints for each component of the structure. Electronic technology, and the expanding realm of services, benefits and amenities it provides is racing into our lives at a torrid pace. "Technological obsolescence" is not an option your client will accept; as it applies to his utilization of future technologies in his home.

As home entertainment and integrated systems assume greater roles in enhancing the lifestyles of families, we stand ready to assist you in the fulfillment of your client's unique requirements.



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