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LIGHTS… CAMERA… POPCORN ?!? Absolutely! Thousands of hours of family entertainment can be enjoyed with a home theater, as many families are discovering. In fact, customized home theater systems deliver performance that rivals, and many times exceeds that of traditional movie theaters.

Recent surveys and studies by the Electronic Industries Association (EIA) found that 67% of all homeowners would prefer to watch a movie at home as opposed to a commercial theater.  And the impact of viewing sporting events in a well-designed home theater is so thrilling it simply has to be experienced. From cartoons to concerts; from football games to "Patriot Games", there is simply no single amenity in a home that provides as much entertainment and pleasure as a custom home theater system.


Fortunately, advances in technology along with innovative and state-of-the-art installation techniques allow for a home theater to be integrated into virtually any room plan. While growing numbers of homeowners are opting for dedicated media rooms for exclusive home theater use, any family room, den, bedroom or recreation room can accommodate a home theater system with style.

It is not necessary to intrude upon the design and decor of a particular room in order to include a home theater. Many of our designs include disappearing screens, invisible loudspeakers and hidden components; capable of transforming even the most elegantly styled room into a thundering entertaining Mecca for family and friends with the touch of a button… and then back again just as easily.

Interestingly, a custom home theater can add drama and prestige to a room design. The dynamics and real-life interaction between the stimulating visual and audio presentation of home theater create a multi-dimensional perspective for an otherwise "ordinary" room.

Lucas Film THX HOME THEATER… The ultimate home theater system; designed for the discriminating homeowner that demands unparalleled performance so realistic that you are no longer merely watching a movie; you're actually experiencing it!

HOME THEATER! It's exciting, it's fun, and it's the most entertaining value for the entire family. We welcome the opportunity and the challenge of providing one for your next project.



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