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Control Panel Communicator

The control panel is the brain of the alarm system and controls all the functions of the system. All devices wire back to the control panel. The communicator portion of the control panel reports intrusions and emergencies to the central monitoring station over the telephone line. The control panel can also report signals via an optional radio transmitter for more secure installations.


The keypad is the user's way of programming the specific functions of their system as well as arming and disarming the system, triggering a panic alarm and silencing an alarm. Most keypads will show system status as well.


An audible device that creates a loud sound to signal an alarm condition from the system. An electronic siren combines both a Speaker and a Siren Driver in a self-contained device that operates from straight from a power source, usually 12V DC.

Passive-Infra-Red Motion Sensor

Passive-infra-red (PIR) motion sensors are used to protect large open areas from intrusion. The PIR sensor protects the designated area by creating fields and zones of infra-red light that detect heat and motion. The PIR is the most popular detector in most alarm systems.

Dual Technology Motion Sensor

The dual technology motion sensor utilizes two different types of technology, PIR and microwave technology. Microwave technology picks up any movement within the range of the microwave sensor, whereas PIR only picks up heat movement.
Dual technology sensors alarm upon valid signals from both the PIR and the microwave sensors. This gives these sensors greater reliability and makes them less likely to trigger a false alarm from environmental disturbances.
These devices require accurate adjustment for proper operation.

Electronic Glass Break Detector

An electronic glass break sensor detects the sound patterns of breaking glass. Upon hearing and recognizing glass breaking, the sensor alerts the system and triggers an alarm. Electronic sensors can protect many windows with only one sensor eliminating the need for individual sensors on each window.

Shock Type Glass Break Detector

A glass break sensor which is mounted either on the glass or window frame. This sensor responds to a shock typical of glass breaking. The more sophisticated models are tuned to require several glass breaking signatures before activating your alarm system.


A contact switch is normally used to protect doors and windows. They are available in many different sizes, colors and types. The most popular type is the magnetic contact switch that consists of two parts, the switch itself and a matching magnet that line up with the switch. Contacts can be surface-mounted or flush-mounted.



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