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Peace-of-mind. It's simply one of the pleasures we emphasize enjoying in today's society. And when it comes to the safety of our loved ones at home, there is no greater peace-of-mind than provided through a state-of-the-art security system.

While considered a luxury less than just ten years ago, security systems are finding their way into all types of homes, and are considered by many to be a necessity.

But a security system is more than a step beyond locking windows and doors. The threat of a forced intrusion is only part of the overall risk scenario. The use of gas appliances has created the necessity of detecting gas leaks within the home. Detecting the presence of fire, smoke and carbon monoxide all represent unique detection technologies… all of which are vital to maintain safety within the home environment.

Our state-of-the-art security systems organize and monitor all of the safety criteria inside the home, and combine all of these functions into one control system which is easy to operated for everyone at home.

Many safety and security issues overlap into venues of convenience as well. Consider both the safety and convenience of seeing a "visitor" at the front door from any TV in the house with just the touch of a button. Or keeping an eye on the kids while swimming or playing outside… all through the use of discreet CCTV cameras in strategic locations.

With many years of experience in the design and installation of security systems, we can identify 4 base criteria for each application:

1) Extremely simple to use
2) Discrete, unobtrusive and built-in appearance
3) Must notify the family members at home of any emergency condition (i.e. Fire, Smoke, Intrusion, etc.) as well as diagnostic conditions (i.e. Power failure, Sensor trouble, etc.)
4) Must notify the proper authorities of any of the above emergency/diagnostic conditions via 24-hour monitoring service

Since everyone's needs vary, our experienced design staff can accommodate any enhanced need and fully customize any security system to be appropriate for you... One telephone call is all it takes to reach our 24-hour a day radio dispatched service team… providing you the ultimate in both, service and convenience.



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